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This is an illustrated account of the artist, his life and context, with a gallery of 300 paintings and drawings. This beautifully illustrated book is essential reading for anyone who would... read more

Goya: An Illustrated Account of the Artist, His Life and Context, with a Gallery of 300 Paintings and Drawings
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No group of artists or period of art history has inspired as much fascination and admiration as the Impressionist school. This book tells the story of the revolutiona... read more

The Impressionists: Their Lives and Work in 350 Images: Featuring the Greatest Paintings and Biographies of the Most Famous Painters
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Series:Vintage Living

Art deco has long been associated with uncompromising style and sophistication, and this guide to re-creating the sassy, controversial styles of the 1920s and 1930s offers a glimpse back at the hairstyles of this era. The instructions needed to replic... read more

Art Deco Hair: Hairstyles from the 1920s & 1930s
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Returning to print in an expanded edition, this informative guide to planning a period wedding provides brides and wedding planners with historic images of wedding fashions and ideas from the early 20th century. Complete with co... read more

Vintage Wedding: Simple Ideas for Creating a Romantic Vintage Wedding
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The first half of this fascinating new book contains a detailed exploration of Van Gogh's life, including his background, early career, influences and relationships. Beginning with his birth in 1853, it details his childhood, family life, education and work-life before he began painting ... read more

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