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The complete and unexpurgated scripts of one of the most celebrated comedy series ever. Published in its entirety for the first time and illustrated, "The Complete Fawlty Towers" will appeal to the millions of fans who have suffered through endless PBS fundraisers wait... read more

The Complete Fawlty Towers
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In an age when the airwaves were tightly controlled by the authorities, pirate radio was the illicit and illustrious haven for music-lovers across the nation. From the first broadcast in 1964, the cowboys of the radio world fed their listener's desire for pop ... read more

Pirate Radio: An Illustrated History
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Like no other book before it, this work delves into the deep, dark and mysterious undertones hidden in Tinsel town's biggest films. Esoteric Hollywood is a game-changer in an arena of tabloid-populated titles. After years of scholarly research, Ja... read more

Cults and Symbols in Film Esoteric Hollywood:: Sex
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