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This volume offers an examination of the history and traditions of magic and witchcraft, from very early times to the present. The book gives an examination of magic and its relationship with religion, from prehistory to the modern eras.

The Encyclopedia of Magic & Witchcraft
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Nothing delights and amazes friends and family more than a display of brilliantly performed magic tricks, illusions, puzzles and stunts, and this comprehensive new box set contains everything the budding magician needs to put on a dazzling show at home. ... read more

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Lavishly illustrated with archival material, fine art illustrations of legendary magic workers, and special photography, this volume is a comprehensive examination of a fascinating and timeless subject.

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This is the study of magic and necromancy through the ages, with 340 illustrations. It offers a detailed historical and anthropological study of the traditions of witchcraft around the world with an in-... read more

Witchcraft: a History : the Study of Magic and Necromancy Through the Ages, with 340 Illustrations
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Practised for more than 4000 years, magic is one of the oldest and most versatile forms of entertainment in the world, with a long and colourful history that has endured to this day. Ranging from simple off-the-cuff tricks to full-scale stage ill... read more

Stunning Stunts, Stand-Up Magic and Stage Illusions
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Do ghosts exist? What about the Bigfoot, or Skinwalkers? And how will we ever know? Journalist Tea Krulos spent over a year traveling nationwide to meet individuals who have made it their life... read more

Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators
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A Beginner's Guide to Paranormal Investigation is an ideal guide for anyone who is curious about paranormal investigation and the supernatural. The author guides the reader through the required steps for paranormal investigation and identifies the co... read more

A Beginners Guide to Paranormal Investigation
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