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This engaging book describes a major shift in consciousness that has emerged from the efforts of the many people working to solve the systemic problems plaguing our world today, such as climate change, poverty, and disease. The author presents a call to actions we can implement in ou... read more

Global Shift
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For some politicians and business leaders, power can become an intoxicating drug, and can affect their actions and decision-making in a most serious way. The ancient Greeks called it hubris, and identified arrogance and contempt for others'... read more

The Hubris Syndrome: Bush, Blair & the Intoxication of Power
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Radicals, feminists, environmentalists, activists for animal rights, human rights, civil rights - there are plenty of rebels and dissidents putting their safety on the line for what they believe in. Conversely, there's never been a sh... read more

Self Defense for Radicals: A to Z Guide for Subversive Struggle
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How The Light Gets In tells the inside story of the most dramatic General Election of modern times. When the 2017 snap election was called by Theresa May, most people had written off the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the party was trailing the Tories in the pol... read more

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Offers the reader an encounter between two generations and two traditions. Grubacic is an anarchist from the Balkans. Lynd is a lifelong pacifist influenced by Marxism. They meet in dialogue in an effort to bring toget... read more

Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History
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 Mind, Body and Spirit

Lively and authoritative, this study of a widely misunderstood subject skillfully navigates the rough waters of anarchistic concepts--from Taoism to Situationism, ranters to punk rockers, individualists to communists, and anarcho-syndicalists to anarcha-feminists.... read more

Demanding the Impossible
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It's said that the flutter of insect wings in the Indian Ocean can send a hurricane crashing against the shores of the American Northeast. It's this premise that lies at the core of The System, a wordless graphic novel created and fully painted by award-winning illustrator Peter Kuper.... read more

The System
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Founded in 1979 by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated is a labour of love run by a collective of artists and political activists working with the unified goal of creating a home for political comics, graphics and stirring personal stories. Thi... read more

World War 3 Illustrated: 1979-2014
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